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How to not derail your criminal defense

Whether you are a college student or a mid-career professional in Tennessee, a criminal charge can have a damaging effect on your future. It is normal for you to make mistakes, but when those mistakes result in you facing a criminal charge, you must consider the seriousness of your situation quickly. Out of  concern for your legal expenses, you may be thinking about going with a public defender. But with the stakes so high, you may want to consider obtaining representation from a highly experienced private defense attorney.

When can the government seize property?

The notion that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty is one of the bedrock principles of American law. But it applies only in the sphere of criminal law, not civil law. The sad fact is that Tennessee law allows property to be taken from a criminal defendant or an innocent third-party, even if that person has not been convicted of a crime. It's called civil asset forfeiture.

Can a personal breath tester help you avoid a DUI?

Wearable biosensors that measure the heart rate and count steps are all the rage these days. There is one type of device that has a unique application - a personal biosensor that measures a person's blood alcohol content. Whether you are a regular drinker or just an occasional one, such a device could help you avoid getting arrested for DUI. But before you put your trust in a personal breath tester, there are some things you need to know.

How serious are cyber crimes in Tennessee?

With nearly everything being available online and everyone using electronic devices to complete tasks, committing crimes through the internet has never been easier or more varied. While these actions may not seem like a big deal in some instances, many may have more serious legal consequences than you may think.

DUI and your ability to be employed

Tennessee residents may not be aware of the long term effects that DUI-related felony convictions can have on their ability to find new jobs or remain employed. The truth of the matter is that DUI convictions will follow a person for a long time to come, impacting everything job-related in their near future.

When taking prescription drugs results in a DUI charge

When most people think of DUI charges, they imagine someone who had too much to drink or indulged in illegal drugs. However, in Tennessee, law enforcement can arrest and charge you with DUI based on simply taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

Drug schedules of Tennessee

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Tennessee, you likely have many questions. Understanding the state's laws can be helpful in determining the best way to fight for your rights and ensure that your case is handled in a fair manner. We at the Law Office of Rob McKinney have provided this information about the drug schedules in Tennessee and can represent you during your court case.

Bail Bond Procedure in Springfield, Tennessee

The bail bond process in Springfield, Tennessee is unique compared with some of the other counties in the state. In Davidson County, Williamson County and several other counties in Middle Tennessee, the accused is taken before a judicial magistrate as soon as possible. The magistrate listens to some brief testimony of the arresting police officer to make an intial determination of whether probable cause exists. Once probable cause is determined, the magsistrate then sets a bail bond. All those arrested are entitled to a bail bond with the exception of a capital offense. Rule 5 of the Tennessee Rules of Criminal Procedure requires any person arrested shall be taken without unnecessary delay before the nearest magistrate.

Auto-brewery syndrome may be responsible for your DUI

While most people in Tennessee realize that breath analyzers may not always be accurate, there are also certain health conditions that can land you with a DUI, even when you have not drunk a drop of alcohol. We at the Law Office of Rob McKinney can educate you on the dangers of auto-brewery syndrome and how it may affect your blood alcohol concentration.

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