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Nashville,TN. DUI on a Scooter

If you have not noticed yet, Downtown Nashville has been recently flooded with Lime and Bird scooters. They are on nearly every sidewalk. Drive downtown and you will soon realize what a traffic hazard they are. WSMV ran a story of the increased business at Vanderbilt's Trauma Unit. In addition to a safety hazard, are these scooters also a legal hazard?

What penalties do Tennessee’s repeat DUI offenders face?

The first time you receive a conviction for driving under the influence in Tennessee, you can anticipate harsh penalties, but, as you might expect, the penalties you potentially face increase in severity with any subsequent DUI arrest. Therefore, if you have had the unfortunate experience of having authorities place you under arrest for drinking and driving and you received a similar conviction in the past, it is important that you recognize the magnitude of what you now face.

Nashville,TN. Weapon Charges Alert

Recently, Nashville Davidson County District Attorney Glenn Funk initiated a change in how to handle weapons charges in General Sessions Court. All weapons charges are to move through the system to Criminal Court, rather than potentially settling in General Sessions. This new policy is in response to the increase in crimes involving firearms. Part of the new directive is mandatory jail time. No plea bargains will be offered in firearm cases without some jail time. If you wish to avoid jail time, your only options are to either go to trial or plead guilty and have a sentencing hearing.

Understanding Tennessee’s criminal record expungement process

As a Tennessee resident with a criminal record, you may find that having a record hinders your ability to do any number of different things. Depending on the details of your criminal case, you may find that it prevents you from finding a job or housing, for example, but there may be certain steps you can take to eliminate the damage your criminal record causes. At the Law Office of Rob McKinney, we understand what types of criminal cases are typically eligible for expungement, and we have helped many clients navigate the process and minimize the impact their criminal records have on their lives.

Pulled over? Avoid these 3 mistakes

Seeing a police car in your rearview mirror is often a frightening experience, even if you were not doing anything wrong at the time. When your emotions run high and you feel you are innocent, you may make some mistakes when interacting with a police officer. 

Crimes that become more common during the holidays

Even though the holiday season is full of joy, gift-giving, family and celebration, that does not mean it is a completely innocent and safe time of year. In fact, certain crimes become more common during the holidays. Retail crimes like shoplifting and shipment thefts skyrocket by 30 percent. 

Courts can no longer revoke your license if you can't pay fees

Imagine you're a single parent with a minimum wage job. Making ends meet is nearly impossible. Then one day, you get arrested for a driving infraction. You're suddenly faced with court fees that you can't afford to pay. So the judge revokes your driver's license. Now, you can't drive your kids to school or yourself to work. In a flash, your situation has just turned from difficult to desperate.

Understanding Tennessee’s Fresh Start Act

At the Law Office of Rob McKinney in Tennessee, we know how difficult it can be for someone with a criminal record to obtain employment. If you are such a person, you will be glad to know that the Tennessee Legislature passed the Fresh Start Act in September of this year that should make it substantially easier for you to find a decent job.

Understanding bribery in Tennessee

People who face a traffic ticket or a possible arrest by a Tennessee police officer may feel angry, scared or even desperate to get out of the situation. However, it is best to do as the officer says so you do not cause additional problems for yourself. Unfortunately, some Tennesseans believe flashing a few dollar bills will dissuade an officer from writing a ticket. This act, known as bribery, can do great damage to your criminal defense and add more jail time and fines.

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