Have You Been Contacted By A Licensing Board Investigator?

The process that can lead to the revocation of a professional license usually begins with a call from an investigator. The investigator is charged with determining whether there is evidence of wrongdoing by a professional sufficient to justify a revocation.

If you hold a professional license in Tennessee, such a call should spur you to immediate action. Your license and your livelihood could be at risk.

Attorney Rob McKinney vigorously defends the licenses of doctors, nurses, dentists and other licensed professions in Tennessee. With extensive experience in this area of law, he has the advocacy skills you need.

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When A Licensing Board Investigator Contacts You

The investigator will introduce himself or herself and explain the reason for the call. The investigator may start off by asking you to "clear up" some questions about something you have done. You may be lulled into thinking that providing some simple answers will resolve the matter, but this is not necessarily true. Even answers that are vague or noncommittal in nature could confirm what the investigator has learned from other sources. The investigator might then refer your case to the attorney at the regulatory board, sparking a full-blown review and a possible license revocation hearing.

If you are contacted by an investigator for the regulatory Board for your profession, you should do the following:

  1. Politely decline to answer questions or make a statement to the investigator.
  2. Get the name and phone number of the investigator.
  3. Call Rob McKinney as soon as possible at 615-686-2115.

In a free consultation, Mr. McKinney can review your situation, explain the license revocation process in greater detail and discuss your options. If you decide to retain his services, Rob McKinney will develop the optimal license strategy based on the facts in your case. He may be able to resolve the matter through discussions with the investigator or the attorney for the board. If necessary, he can begin preparing your case in advance of a hearing before the board.

As a licensed professional himself, Rob McKinney understands what is at stake when an investigator calls. Mr. McKinney will work diligently to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

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