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How do I clear my criminal record in Tennessee?

If you have a criminal record in the state of Tennessee, you may be wondering how you can expunge your record so you can move forward without having your record follow you. A criminal record may impede your chances of getting a job or entering an educational institution, so it is in your best interest to try to clear your record as soon as you are legally eligible to do so.

Tennessee Expungement Law Alert!

Tennessee will soon be lowering their fees for expungements. The Tennessee Legislature passed a bill lowering the fee for an expungement of your criminal record to $180.00. The bill is awaiting Governor Haslam's signature. Tennessee State Representative Raumesh Akbari is to be congradulated for pushing this bill in order to help people restart their lives.

Which Criminal Records Can Be Expunged In Tennessee?

A criminal record can haunt you for a long time -- even if it was a one-time mistake or you've since turned your life around. Arrest records, criminal charges and convictions can show up on all kinds of background checks. They can impair your ability to get a job, find housing, pursue higher education and get a professional license.

Public Intoxication Charges In Nashville,Tennessee

Nashville has become a popular destination for weekend parties. Take a walk in Nashville on a Friday night and one can see the bachelor and bachelorette parties in full force.Throw in all the honky tonks on lower broad and it may lead to a little bit of drinking. Sometimes it leads to a public intoxication charge.

Tennessee Expungement Law Success Story

Today, I was delighted to received an order of expungement. An expungement is an order from the court directing the clerk of the court to destroy the records of the criminal charge or conviction.. One of our services we provide is to expunge any criminal charges possible. Ordinarily, only cases that are dismissed, retired, or one was found not guilty are eligible for expungement. What made this order of expungement special ?

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